Monday - Friday                                    8.30am - 8pm

Twilight Golf                                           5pm - 8pm (players must be off the course by 8pm)

Saturday - Sunday                                 7.30pm - 7pm

Twilight Golf                                            3pm - 7pm (players must be off the course by 7pm)

Par 3 Opening Times

Driving Range 
Monday - Friday                                      9am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday                                 9am - 7pm

Professional Shop
Monday - Friday                                       8am - 8pm
Saturday & Sunday                                  7am - 7pm

Clubhouse open times are the same as Professional Shop opening hours. If there is a function in the Clubhouse it will be open longer.

Please be aware adverse weather may alter the opening and closing hours for the shop, driving range, and clubhouse.